Scrap London Cars is serving you with the best service of scrap a car near you in London to benefit by reducing pollution and filling your pocket with some pounds. When your car reaches its maximum life, the best option is to scrap your car.

Scrapping is just adding some benefit to environment. The scrapped metal is recycled and it is used in some other uses doing less damage to nature and adding some material for the use. Scrap London cars are helping London to maintain environmental balance with its recycling process.

Scrap London cars is providing UK wide service for scrapping and recycling services to better manage your old car. No matter your car is how old, and is ageing out; the service of the Scrap London car helps with best deal in managing your old car and its related services.

Scrap London Cars

Annoying automobile is not a baggage of emotions rather, it’s a bucket of immense expenses related to its maintenance. Every automobile or car is having their respective life which is because of the engine and metallic body. Time gives you pleasure from your dream car, but it also gives pain when your car starts getting out of order. Here it calls for the service of car scrapping to save your time from giving attention to the old car and also make little money with your torn out old car. It is always good to earn a little despite of getting nothing. Scrapping your old car is definitely a tough decision, but is really helpful in saving the environment from unnecessary metal.

Scrap London cars are open for people of London with an environment friendly method of car scrapping saving you and environment with health hazard pollutants. If your car is now under a classified category of torn condition and you are looking for service in London, just meet Scrap London Cars to get good service and recycling process.

Looking for scrap a near you service just visit Scrap London cars for responsible car recycling and the best price in an instant. Residents of London can be assured about drop off service and official paper work sorted regarding sale, services as well scrapping. The clients must be assured with the great service and proper legal documents to get the best deal in car scrapping and many other services. Scrap London cars are always to help you with every solution for your car related services and issues.

Why Choose Us to Scrap Your Car?

There is no doubt that one time in your life, you have had a car gathering dust, taking up space on your drive – as a team at Scrap London Cars, we like to ensure the process of scrapping your car is as hassle-free as possible. We offer our services in all locations around London, Essex and Kent so if you’re interested in receiving cash for your car – request a free instant quote.
If you have been thinking about scrapping your car for a while now but can’t quite justify getting rid of your first ever car, you will when you realise that we give you the best price in the area! Also, if you have a vehicle which no longer runs efficiently, is beginning to fail MOT’s and is becoming unreliable – then the expense of continuing to run the car will begin to increase and you will no longer feel the need to keep running your precious car! In the long run, you will be saving money and will have received cash from us allowing you to put it towards a deposit for a newer car!

Best Price In An Instant

Scrap London cars is providing you with the best price in an instant, inspecting your old car and needed service like selling, scrapping, recycling and much more. As a customer if you get the best value of your car it is a joyful moment. Just drive in and get your price.

BOfficial Paperwork Sorted

Scrap London car arranges you with Bofficial paperwork sorted to manage your paperwork and every sort of paperwork related to your car services. Managing of paper document has been always a lengthy process, the company helps you with your paperwork.

Responsible Car Recycling

Scrap London cars is a company serving for responsible car recycling, which is following environment friendly process saving nature of health hazard chemicals. You can freely choose recycling process to solve your problem and helping nature.

Drop Your Car Off Locally

Hurry in need, just drop your car off locally at Scrap London cars to get the services to enjoy the best work done and on-time job process. Just get the service for your car and best services.

Scrap Car Collection

Here at Scrap London Car you will get a scrap car collection of different models of cars and their parts. Just check your model of car and its related spare parts or anything related to get from the heap of collection.

Our Customers Love Us!

Scrap London cars is proud to produce a long list of portfolios of happy customers only because of the service and offers. Our customers love us for our service and dedication.


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The recycling process is about maintaining the guideline of safety...


‘Scrap London Cars’ is a leading company which is dealing in the export of...


‘Scrap London Cars’ is known for its renowned service of spare parts. Our...

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Test drive with our items on is an amazing experience.

Types of Vehicle We Scrap

Scrap Your Car with us and get the best price guaranteed today. We accept the following cars for scrap:

  • Insurance write-offs
  • Damaged cars
  • Flood damaged cars
  • Non runners
  • MOT failures
  • Junk and salvage cars
  • Fleet cars
  • Foreign cars not registered
  • Part-exchange cars
  • Abandoned vehicles

Our Customers

John Smith
All I needed for my car was a set of nice rims with good quality tires. I found everything here, in one place. Thanks
John Smith
Chris Phillips
I appreciate your help with installation, as well as fast delivery, individual approach and affordable cost. Thanks a lot!
Chris Phillips
Adam Jones
I loved the service, the range of products and the overall atmosphere in your store. You guys are real professionals.
Adam Jones