A damaged or wrecked car of yours never gives you a handsome money, so the best option is to take your car to an auto-dismantler for its recycling. Recycling is always a good option for old, damaged and wrecked cars. We recycle the car for repairing of other cars, selling its used parts and many more such like services by removing functional and non-functional parts from the car.

The recycling process is about maintaining the guideline of safety measurement of our environment. Our service for recycling is about maintaining the waste parts and managing the waste metals in all natural way and do not release any health hazard chemicals. Environment friendly process is under processed for recycling of waste material saving environment and saving your health with best service.

Reasons for recycling-

Scrap London Cars is giving you the best reason for recycling of your cars and choose us.

  • We offer half price when compared to new parts
  • The durable car parts ensures the maximum life of the car part
  • Used car parts always have a good fit because it is detached from original vehicle
  • We have a stock of parts of those cars which are now out from the market
  • We have a stock of vintage car parts

Services in recycling-

As we promise safety and environment friendly recycling service and we Scrap London cars abide the best safety services like; recycling of parts, recycling fluids, recycling steel.